Show Jumping

The 2013 Show Jumping Rally will be held on June 30th at Bascule Farm in Poolesville, MD.

The 2012 Qualifying Show Jumping Rally was an overnight rally held on June 29th - July 1st, 2012 at Swan Lake Stables

Rally Results:

Equitation - Non-qualifying

1st  Caitlin C.
2nd Hannah B.
3rd. Eliza M.
4th Grace G.
5th  Ellie S.
6th  Sadie M.
Equitation - Qualifying

1st Taylor S.
2nd Natalie H.
3rd  Ela R.
4th  Kayta S.
5th  Kimberly B.
6th  Stephen P.

Horse Management  

1st      Wakefield      Bahama Mamas
2nd      Howard        High Flyers
3rd      GCRC          Chips Ahoy 
4th      Seneca          Victorious Secret
5th      Wakefield      Jumping Beans
6th      GCRC           Flying Fillies

Divison A

1st GCRC       Angels
2nd Seneca     JE Cubed
3rd Howard    High Flyers
4th Seneca      Da Boyz
5th Seneca      Victorious Secret

Division B

1st Wakefield   Jumping Beans
2nd Wakefield  Bahama Mamas
3rd GCRC       Flying Fillies
4th GCRC       Chips Ahoy
5th Seneca       Rascals
Qualifying Champion:      Ema K.  
 Res. Champ:      Ela R.  
Non Qualifying Champion:  Baylea F.
Res. Champ:         Elli S.
Christie Johnson Memorial Trophy recipient - Ema K.